A partnership with a radio station is a critical form of marketing, as per the Radio Audience Measurement survey 35.7 million people listen to the radio regularly, with the average person listening to 4 hours per day. Wether that be in work, on the daily commute or just in the background at home. Radio alone is a popular form of communicating with a variety of people but it’s power comes from the partnerships it has throughout the broadcasting journey.

The digital growth of platforms like Social Media have now allowed partners to not only benefit from a few slots on a show but now to mass audiences with live interactions on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and many more. This is something we are excited about for our partners…

As our partner you will not only benefit from a variety of advertising opportunities on radio and our digital platforms but you have the added benefit of a network of individuals that can help make things happen. As our partner we will work with you to achieve your goals throughout your journey with us and open opportunities wherever we can in order to do that.

This rebirth of Wirral Radio is much more than radio. It’s about collaboration, community, education and growth! All of which we would LOVE you to be a part of. When becoming a partner with ourselves you will plan your radio and digital footprint with us for the length of your contract. This will not only consist of piecing together the perfect radio and digital presence for your goals but you will meet with our digital marketing partner who will offer a free consultation to help achieve those goals for the time with us.

We want to work alongside you, to enhance what you are doing and aim to achieve your business goals along the way. We are extremely happy to discuss industry exclusivity with all businesses so please don’t hesitate to let us know if this is something you are interested in.

Our Partners

Partnership Opportunities

This year we have limited number of sponsorship opportunities, this is to allow us to provide an AD FREE station. We feel that this will keep the listeners on the station for longer and provide much more interest and acknowledgement of the sponsors and therefore increased traction for them on their dedicated shows or spotlights.

Opportunities for sponsorship for more information on each show and what’s included within the sponsorship please read on.

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*All pop up broadcasts details will be agreed prior to the event. These broadcasts will be presenting a show from the location of choice, interviewing up to 5 people over the course of the day (clients, staff or yourselves). This does NOT include being a DJ at an event you are hosting.

* Discount not available on printing or any external supplier