Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, as a fantastic way to produce content.  Being quick & easy to do means that spreading your message has never been more convenient.  Being longer than the average social media post allows for more complex conversations which is great for explaining about a product or service.

Podcasts generally take the form of an interview type show, typically with business owner being the host bringing guests in to speak about their expertise.  Unlike the written word, the tone of the conversation is more obvious which can help build a better personal connection with the audience.  The host’s personality can shine through building customer engagement and helps foster trust.

The added advantage of bringing in clients, suppliers or external experts is that they tend to share the content which allows you access into their audience.

Podcasting Made Easy

The team at Radio Wirral have made it really easy to create them; we guide you through the process, help you with content, provide all the recording equipment and a studio if required, and all the technical support needed to produce engaging podcasts. 

We will record four separate 90 second podcasts to be played during the shows, reaching that reach the entire Wirral peninsular, plus the edges of North Wales, Liverpool & Chester on DAB & worldwide online.

Podcast Upgrades

You can upgrade to our gold package to add additional exposure on our website, social media including your logo, links to your own website & social media together with a copy of the recording for your own use.

Find Out More & Get Podcasting

Fancy talking to us about it, then click here.  To get started, simply select your package, fill in the simple forms below and we’ll be in touch.

Use our form to sign up and pay online for the Silver Package.

For £99 you get:

  • 4 unique podcasts, approximate 90 seconds in length
  • Your 4 podcasts are broadcast during the show of your choice (subject to availability)


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